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We all love watching movies, but sometimes, time is not on our side and we cannot always afford going to the local cinema or theater in order to watch the newest releases. What option do we have when we want to watch a movie without spending substantial amounts of money and wasting time?

There are two main possibilities we can opt for and the first one is watching online movies on websites that offer us the opportunity to play them on different servers. There are hundreds of severs available all over the Internet, each of them including proper sub or dub if needed, as well as a sound or image quality that might be more or less appropriate for our needs. Some servers might offer you the chance of watching the movie you like in two or more parts, based on how it was uploaded to the website in question, while others will include the entire movie within one single video.

watch free movies online without downloading anything

In order to find the relevant websites that offer us this opportunity, the best way of doing this is searching the name of the title along with words like “watch online” or other similar phrases and Google (or other search engines) will display us plenty of pages with results, starting with the best to the least important ones. Most websites that offer us online movies do not require any paid subscription, membership or fee in order to watch the movies in question, but there are some sources that include other advantages or benefits (such as subs or dubs) that demand a minimal investment from us, which might be anything between $0.99 and $10 per month.

For people who prefer watching the movies they like directly on the servers in question without accessing any other website, the most appropriate way is signing up and creating an account, which will allow them to gain easy access to all the content from the server. However, it should be noted that some servers might require paying a weekly, monthly or yearly membership in order to watch as many movies as you want or other similar advantages. This is a faster way to access the movies you like and avoid any potential server or Internet bug that might occur due to certain reasons.

This option is very suitable for those people who want to watch free movies online without downloading anything, but there is also a second possibility they have, which is downloading the movies in question to their laptop or personal computer (PC). There are many media sources that offer you this opportunity and the most relevant one is BitTorrent, which provides you with free access to a large variety of movies with proper subs, dubs and other advantages. The number of movies is usually very extensive, summing up thousands of movies from 90’s to the present moment, as well as subs or dubs in different languages, etc.

BitTorrent is a fast way to download the movies you like to your PC, because you have other peers that increase the download speed, so the files might be completely downloaded within a few minutes or, why not, a few seconds. Plus, if the peers are from the same country as you are, then the download speed will be even higher.

Usenet sources are very helpful when you are trying to find a good way to get hassle and virus-free movies or subtitles, because the source is very large and your options are extremely varied. Even though you have to pay for a monthly subscription, you are ensured of reliable downloads that do not involve any potential troubleshoot for you. In addition, there are thousands of other users you can talk to when using Usenet sources, so you can find out everything you want very fast.

If none of these options seems appropriate for you, a good option is downloading the movies from websites that offer you this service for free. However, this option will take you a longer while, because the Internet speed is very relevant and, if it is not very high, you might wait many hours until the download is complete.

Other than that, each of these possibilities is appropriate when you want to watch free movies online without downloading anything. It is simple, fast, free and more comfortable than any other cinema or theater in your area.

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